Sodwana Bay KZN Parks in South Africa

Accommodation in Sodwana Bay KZN Parks

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Sodwana Bay KZN Wildlife Camping from: ZAR 0
Sodwana Bay KZN Wildlife 6 Bed Self Catering Log Cabin from: ZAR 2000
Sodwana Bay KZN Wildlife 4 Bed Self Catering Log Cabin from: ZAR 1500

Sodwana Bay KZN Parks

Renowned for its sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling, Sodwana is situated on the coast within the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, South Africa's first World Heritage Site.The reserve lies adjacent to Africa’s southern-most coral reefs.The Maputoland and St Lucia Marine Reserves are linked to each other to form a continuous protected area stretching 150 km from the Mozambique border southwards to Cape Vidal and 3 nautical miles out to sea.In summer, loggerhead and leatherback turtles come out of the sea to nest on the beaches.Aside from Sodwana’s wealth of opportunities for diving, boating and angling, a 5km self-guided trail is available for the enjoyment of nature lovers and bird enthusiasts. The area is covered with dense coastal forest offering exquisite scenery, bird watching, and a number of small mammals including Bush Babies, Genets, Duiker and striped mongoose.Sodwana Bay with its many exciting coral reefs and outstanding climate, has distinguished itself as one of the premier sport diving destinations in the world. Many popular dive sites with a great diversity of underwater seascapes and marine flora and fauna, corals, beautiful overhangs, drop-offs and mushroom rocks, as well as spectacular night dives, have made this place a 'not-to-be-missed' destination for the scuba diving enthusiast.