Western Cape in South Africa

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High Season Farm Pine Tree Cottage from: ZAR 3600

Western Cape

The Western Cape is home to the “mother city” of South Africa and is a premier tourist destination. Famous for Table Mountain, vast winelands, magnificent beaches. Entertainment catering for all tastes and magnificant world-class restaurants. Thanks to its scenic beauty and many attractions, tourism is a major and growing force in the Western Cape, which hosts over 50% of the country’s international visitors. Situated on the south-western tip of Africa, the Western Cape is the meeting point of the cold Atlantic and the warm Indian Oceans. In the late 15th century European seafarers arrived here in search of a halfway stop on trade routes to the East and thereby changed the face of South African history forever. The Western Cape enjoys a mediteranian climate, with hot summers and mild, green winters perfect weather for the production of fruit, grains and most important – wine. Summer days are long and warm, whilst winters can be wet and muggy.