Maphelana KZN Parks in South Africa

Accommodation in Maphelana KZN Parks

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Maphelane - KZN Wildlife 5 Bed Self Catering Log Cabin from: ZAR 1300
Maphelane - KZN Wildlife Camping from: ZAR 160

Maphelana KZN Parks

Maphelana is the southernmost camp in the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park. A popular destination for ski boaters and surf anglers , it lies on the south bank of the Mfolozi River, at the point where it enters the Indian Ocean.The rocky inter-tidal areas offer excellent musselling and Cray fishing. More than 200 bird species have been recorded here. The bay provides a sheltered launch site for deep sea fishing boats. Shore fishing and spear fishing are also popular. People harvest shellfish under permit on the rocks. There are two self-guided trails, one along the estuary bank and the other to the top of the dune for a breathtaking view of the ocean and the mouth of the river.