St. Lucia Wetlands Park in South Africa

Accommodation in St. Lucia Wetlands Park

Product NameRoom TypeRATINGPrices
Lake St Lucia Lodge 2 sleeper self catering bungalow from: ZAR 0
Lake St Lucia Lodge 4 sleeper self catering garden cottage from: ZAR 0
Lake St Lucia Lodge 4 sleeper self catering, garden cottage (double bed) from: ZAR 0
Sunset Lodges 4 sleeper chalet from: ZAR 950
Sunset Lodges 2 sleeper chalet from: ZAR 750
Sunset Lodges 5 sleeper Chalet from: ZAR 1550

St. Lucia Wetlands Park

Situated in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the coastal village of St Lucia is the gateway to the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park. Known as the jewel of KwaZulu Natal, with five distinct ecosystems and a unique biodiversity found nowhere else on earth, it is not hard to see why the earliest name for St Lucia, given by Portugese explorers, was "River of the Sands of Gold".

The ecosystems of the eastern shores, Lake St Lucia, Mkuze Swamps, the western shores and the Marine eco system are unique in Africa.  Places to visit include False Bay Park, where the pink-backed pelican-breeding colony is found.  Next to Lake St Lucia is Charters Creek which is very popular with fisherman.  There are daily boat tours to the surrounding islands to view hippos wallowing in the lake waters.  North of Charters Creek, is another favourite angling paradise called Fanies Island.  Picnic spots are found right on the shore.

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