Bergville in South Africa

Accommodation in Bergville

Product NameRoom TypeRATINGPrices
Spion Kop Lodge Daily Conference Special from: ZAR 350
Spion Kop Lodge Half Day Conference Special from: ZAR 260
Spion Kop Lodge Bed & Breakfast from: ZAR 790
Spion Kop Lodge Full Board from: ZAR 1690
Spion Kop Lodge Conference Vnue from: ZAR 3500
Spion Kop Lodge Overnight Conference Special from: ZAR 790
Spion Kop Lodge Wedding Package from: ZAR 1900
Spion Kop Lodge Self Catering from: ZAR 1500
Spion Kop Lodge Wedding Reception Hire from: ZAR 6000


The town was laid out in 1897 by a retired mariner, Captain Wales and named Bergville meaning "Mountain Village".. A scenic town set up on the banks of the Tugela River in the shade of the dramatic peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains.Acton Homes - A settlement near the town laid out in 1860, preceding the formation of the town. Places include the Blockhouse - The only surviving Anglo-Boer War British Blockhouse in KwaZulu-Natal.  Rangeworthy Cemetery - Victims of the battle of Spioenkop and other battles are buried here. Spioenkop - The site of the famous Anglo-Boer war battle in 1900, which resulted in severe British losses.